“Both the convict & the warden exist within us. It is the choices we make that determine which one lives”


Over the last 25 years, Ghazi has impacted and inspired thousands of youth, educators, parents, coaches and audiences with his high energy, compelling storytelling, and practical insight.

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There is absolutely nothing more enjoyable to Ghazi than helping people shatter the bars of their mental and emotional prisons. BOOK Ghazi NOW to speak to your youth, parents, educators, clients, and organization. Let’s dismantle the internal prison walls one brick at a time and see what possibilities exist on the other side.




“Ghazi has a unique way of blending street smarts, academic excellence, philosophy, and spirituality along with life experiences in a manner that touches the core of his listeners. Absolutely no one walks away untouched or uninspired”

G Robinson Educator East St Louis, Ill

“I had the pleasure of hearing him share his message from the stage. It was truly a gift.This man speaks with passion, purpose, and a profound understanding of the truths of his transformation. His message of change, hope and love is undeniable and so needed. I believe that anyone who has the opportunity to hear it will realize the same”

                      Ivan Leger Phoenix,Az