F.E.L.O.N. 2.0: The New Prisoner
Dismantling The Walls of Internal Prisons

Have you ever allowed fear to stop you in your tracks  from persuing your goals? Have you ever faced obstacles that seems to be insurmountable?  Have you ever mis-judged yourself because of past mistakes and flaws and as a result lacked self confidence? If you answered YES to any of these you just may be residing behind the walls of your internal prison. IT’S TIME TO MAKE PAROLE!!!!!!

After this presentation your students, staff or employees will learn:

—How to identify their IP Addtress(Internal Prison):



Limiting Belief


Negative Thinking

How to accelerate the transformation process

Practical steps to tear down their walls and finally enjoy life on the other side.



We all face challenges and obstacles in our personal lives, at home, school, community or work. These challenges can slow down our efforts and hinder us from accomplishing our goals. This presentation is designed to show students, staff and employees how to utilize the power of their own choices and actions in determining desired outcomes.

After this presentation your students, staff or employees will learn:

— How every thought and action write the sentences and paragraphs of our lives (Books)

— After writing a chapter (going through an experience) how to edit it for maximum benefit

— How to apply proper punctuation in our books (lives). When to use a period to stop, a comma to pause, etc.

— How to become a BestSelling Author (Finally Enjoy the very best in Life)



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