"Bro Ghazi speaks in a way that stirs the soul and moves the listener to take action. In a simple but yet dynamic way, Bro Ghazi paints pictures with his words that easily allows the audience to understand and leave with tools that will help them and transform their life."

Dr. Will Moreland
-Ambassador of Civility America's #1 Leadership Life Trainer
"Ghazi's skills, knowledge and sense of pride, has motivated both male and female students to better understand themselves; as they gained leadership skills for school and work"

Frank Crump
Director,UPI Education02:37March 25, 2019 R
"Ghazi spoke in such a way that his passion ignited the passion of the audience...He has quite the life story and uses his story to help others to see and recognize their own potential despite the obstacles they may encounter on their life's journey"

Michelle Jackson
Faculty, Glendale Community College
"What makes Ghazi different is that while other speakers speak to you, he speaks with you. His truth, transparency and insight is transformative for everyone listening. He is as real as they come and at the same time, because of his in-depth studies, he gives solutions that can be implemented immediately causing a shift to everyone in earshot. Everyone should here him speak. "

Dr. Ruben West